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Originally Posted by Dusty1000 View Post
Indeed. They do not seem to want to live in peace while their land is being stolen, and they have issues with the people who are stealing their land.

Jews have a few issues too, including land and a country that was stolen from them, followed by two centuries of nations across Europe who repeated stole everything they had, who never welcomed them, and who massacred them.

Whatever 'enlightenment' you may believe the world has achieved, and however you fantasize that Jews are now loved and embraced on this planet to the degree that they don't need a country of their own (where it once was), such conditions are not guaranteed.

If you have a solution to give back to the Jews everything that was taken from them over the last two millennium, and if you have a way to restore the millions of souls that were "wiped from the face of the earth", I'd like to hear it, and then, maybe then, you might be able to convince me that Jews don't belong in Israel.

The land was stolen from Jews by Europeans, Jews were treated as rats by Europeans for 2,000 years, and millions of Jews were murdered by Europeans.

It's no wonder Jews finally decided to go home.

The Palestinians deserve their due, and their own state; in all fairness, they lived their too
, but your non-stop whining about "stealing land" is simply anti-Israel propaganda.
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