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Thank you very much for your reply. I did some research on batteries as thats whats really killing me right now is batteries and a charger. (the included 1 battery charger seems to be taking longer and longer to charge as i believe the AA cells that are inside of it are dying)

So I rolled the dice on a small 4 pack of the Turnigy Nano-Tech 160 mah cells.
I read some reviews and did some research and couldn't really find a clear cut answer on these cells. Did i do good or would i have been better to take the money and start a small fire? Ive heard some people say they were great and others say they were DOA or died after a few flights. My hypothesis is they are dying because of over discharging but back when I raced rc cars the race was well over before the lipo was down below 3v per cell. Anyone have a clear cut answer on these?

Probably next is a charger that's capable of handling them and some different batteries as Im now addicted to anything that flies. Saw some cool slow fliers that work off the same battery that is in the MCX. Also saw a spitfire Bind and fly that works of the same thing but i don't know i have the skill to fly something like that yet. im still not used to the cyclic controls being reversed on the heli when im nose in. so i freak out and let go of the controls.

Anyways thanks again.
Sean Scott
darkscope001 is online now Find More Posts by darkscope001
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