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Originally Posted by Dusty1000 View Post
Israel has never frozen all construction work, in all the time Abbas has been the Palestinian president. Netanyahu knows full well that freezing all construction work in the settlements has been a long standing pre-condition for negotiations. By inviting the Palestinians for talks without freezing construction, then moaning when they don't show up, amounts to no more than political point scoring.

But if you insist that Israel did actually freeze all construction work, and not just say they did, feel free to provide the dates you would claim it was stopped between.

The right of return of the Palestinian refugees does not belong to any Palestinian leader to give away; it is for each individual refugee to decide for themselves whether they want to return or not. Same goes for recognising Israel as a Jewish state, since that implies the Palestinians have given up their right to return if Israel says their status as a Jewish state would be under threat.

Their intentions are very clear. They want a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, and for Israel to accept the right of return for all refugees. Even though this would amount to no more than Israel complying with UN resolutions passed against it and international law, equal rights for all people regardless of race or religion, it would also probably mean the end of Israel as Jewish state, should all the refugees decide to return.

This is why I think if Israel wants to maintain a Jewish majority and continue to have racist immigration laws, the sooner they begin to face up to their responsibility to the refugees, the better. Some young refugees might be persuaded to go and start a new life elsewhere for relatively small amounts of money, and larger families might be persuaded to give up their right to return in exchange for a home in an existing West Bank settlement, as Israel would have to abandon them in any case.

If Israel is forced to comply with the UN resolutions passed against it and international law, what proportion of Israelis do reckon would emigrate?

Any who wished to remain above room temperature.
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