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Originally Posted by RocketDog View Post
Hi all,
300mah 2s Eflite

I have this battery also, but I'm not sure if it has enough capacity? I plan on running the 2s straight with no regulator.
Just seen this - definitely go with a slightly larger capacity pack ~360mAh

I'm running 3 x D47's (SD 100's), FrSky 4ch Rx and a 360mAh pack straight into the RX.

After first flights totalling 1 hour the total draw was 130mAh which had dropped the nominal voltage quite low. Remember you're running at 7.2v (2S) which will drain the pack faster than if it was a 1S.

Also unless you're going to go to the extremes I went to (unplanned wing and planned tail shift) to get a low weight, with a 300 I reckon you'll be adding lead to balance with your listed setup. Pay a few $ and buy a larger battery as you may as well make the weight work!

Right....back to work! NNNnnnnngh...must keep away from thread even if bored out of tiny brain,,,nnnnnnnggggh
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