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What lathe did you get. As was said, three jaw chucks are not all that great. They are fine for doing quick and dirty work, but I personally prefer to use a four jaw chuck and a test indicator for lining things up. I also have a set of ER40 collets that I use with my lathe (Atlas 618). The collets are much better for quick operations. They should center to within .0005" which is pretty good. It is better than I need. With the ER40 I can go up to 1" (Actually I am getting one that will allow for 1.125"). I think that I can go all the way down to 3/32". For the tail stock I have ER16 collets with a MT1 adaptor (it may be a MT2 I cannot remember). This will hold my drill bits with much better accuracy than the cheap chuchs that typically come with the lathes. I got tired of trying to drill small holes and having the drill bit not center well (yes even with the center of the tail stock being properly set). Also I recommend a quick change tool post, they are very helpful.

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