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Originally Posted by Heli Pad View Post
In terms of the flight characteristics, which one would you prefer? The S800G, or the JXD340? Especially, rank them of the precision and easy flying aspects.
Hi Heli Pad, I'm not sure I'm in a position to answer that question yet. These little guys only arrived on Monday and I've not had too much of a chance to fly them yet. I've been diagnosing short flight times on my TRex 100X and now have a Nano with bad vibrations/shakes that I'm dealing with. LOL

I'm not going to be able to give you an objective answer until I can do the mode 2 mod on my S800G TX. However, I will give you my thoughts on the JXD 340 since I did get a chance to fly that around in mode 2 some last night.

First of all, if you fly it in mode 4 and don't touch the aileron, you can consider the JXD 340 to be a speedier and more aggressive version of the S107G. There's no spring on the throttle stick. There is a button you can press to put the tail motor into "high rate" which gives you much faster FF. There's a button that you can press to toggle the blinky LED array that this thing sports as well. I never touch the aileron in mode 4 because that totally messes me up.

Now, in mode 2, it flies well enough as a 4ch except that the aileron is essentially "bang-bang" at least it feels that way. It's either centered or it's all the way to one side or the other. When you do shift it to one side or another, it puts a bit of a shudder through the heli and you need to be able to compensate a little with the throttle to keep it at the same height. Other than that, you can fly this thing passably well as if you were flying a MCX but it just doesn't feel as agile because the elev and aile control doesn't have much variation. Still, you can fly sideways, do some nose-in and tail-in funnels, and in general do what you would normally do with a heli that actually had a functional swashplate. It's not bad. Then you can always "downshift" and fly it in mode 4 like a S107G if you like.

Be careful of the power plug. It's got the same connector as the S107G. I have no idea whether the polarity is correct though. The power plug LED is also backwards from the S107G. It lights up when its charging and turns off when it's not.

After I get my S800G TX converted, I'll let you know about that heli. I will say that in my initial testing, I found that it doesn't fly straight. It tends to fly diagonally--much more so than the MCX/2.
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