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Originally Posted by Chap1012 View Post
fotoflyersorry to hear about the unscheduled nose job. I've used Gorilla Glue for some time now. Good stuff! I don't recall this CA "expanding" unless it reacts to foam differently. I know it dries fairly firm with little give. I also like JB Weld (2 part epoxy) but I'm not sure how it would react to foam. I wish I could be more of a help but, working with foam is all new to me.

Well Guys, I took delivery at my LHS of my BNF SC yesterday. I already put some DuBro Sport wheels on her (all around). I've been doing some lurking and searching up and down the pages and it seems most of you are very content with the stock batteries....the 1300mah 15C/20C burst (Hobbyzone). I assume the Parkzone is rated the same as it does say for the SC. I'd like to have my daughter order 2. 1 for X-Mass and 1 for my BD. How does this sound for a plan???

I forgot to mention. The spinner looks like it is rubbing against the cowl. I'm thinking of sanding the backside of the spinner. Does the spinner just pop off?

The stock 1300 battery works fine. You can't install a larger battery because ther is no room. The 1300 is already a tight fit and a hassle to install.

Do NOT just pull the spinner off! It is threaded on to the prop shaft, so you need to turn it ccw to remove it. The best way to do this is to pull the "ears" of the spinner forward so you have a good grip on the spinner. Then just hold on to the spinner and rotate the PROP cw (clockwise) until the spinner comes off.

If all you want to do now is to get it away from the cowl, just unscrew it until you have the clearance you want.
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