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Originally Posted by flydiver View Post
Yes, you can do it.
Yes, will be a pain. It's up to you if the hassle is worth being that cheap.

You have to be ABSOLUTELY SURE every single control surface is moving the right direction and in proper trim before you fly, every time you switch.

Do it will screw up and take a plane out, pretty much guaranteed.

We had a guy at the field. He was a good builder, smart, but cash strapped due to being in collage and having a kid on the way. So he did as you are thinking. He wrecked a lot of planes with the switch by not getting it right, not to even mention the hassle of swapping things over if he wanted to fly a new plane. That alone can take 10"-20" per switch. His planes were home made foam, very accessible, so easy to swap. They also didn't cost much to make so he was mostly out his time and labor when he crashed.

Figure what your time and your planes are worth vs. cost of an RX. It's up to you.
Back in my old 72mHz days, I'd have a 1/2 dozen or more planes set up with individual receivers to work with one transmitter. Each plane would be mechanically trimmed to neutral and servo setup would be correct for each plane. Control surfaces would move correctly from the transmitter every time. No biggie. Flew for 20 years that way without any issues at all.

Having returned to the hobby earlier this year, I have yet to purchase a general purpose transmitter in 2.4 gHz and am researching. Some transmitters seem to plug directly into a specific receiver and each will bind only to that particular unit. If in fact, a single transmitter can bind to multiple receivers, then a higher cost transmitter may not be necessary. And yes, I'm retired so I need to make every penny count.

If the Turnigy 9XR ever comes out, I'll be getting one of those as my primary transmitter.
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