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Originally Posted by Wind Junkie View Post
Good tips Eric.

And also, if you've got a floatplane, or one with wheels, or one without in snow, diff thrust is GREAT for turns when taxiing.
I have built 11 TS IIs in total. (2 for me). They were a particular favorite with the retired community due to easy launching and relatively tough constructon to deal with hanger-rash and various prangs! Plus they liked painting them :-)

All of them began with the brushed motors and used 2200 LIPO packs. Then along came the higher C ratings and 3000 mAh. It was not long before the brushed motors failed. Also the soldering on the MPX harness and aileron conector board was not good. If a motor was used with an out-of-balance prop the rear solder joint would break. You could not do differential thrust with the stock set-up and needed another brushed ESC--not really worth it.

And yes! they do not fly very well on one motor. Mainly because of the strong rolling effect of the rudder. This airplane will fly all day on rudder elevator. (They thermal quite well, especally with a lighter LIPO).

My latest (The FANSTAR II TWIN) has reduced dihedral which helps a little, butl high-wingers will usually roll with the rudder in the direction of the rudder. Once you mix in some rudder roll and dive correction you can fly with one motor! With one motor out there is just too much going on for the pilot unless you are gimbal-gifted or you have pre-programmed in some help.

Just for grins I put one motor on a switch and tested the above statement. With the rudder/aileron mix basically programmed to give you yaw instead of roll you can fly on one motor. It helps a lot if you drop the wing about 15 dgrees that has the power working. The best strategy is to cut the power and glide. The second you cut the power the TS II stops behaving like a bucking Bronco and is a Tamecat!.

I almost forgot, the go-to brushless power system that I and others used was the MPI upgrade combo specifically put together by MPI for the TS II. I must hasily add that it is expensive. More than a TS II costs, but it gives you great vertical and no issues like over heating etc. I put the ESCs in the wings between the nacelles and the fuselage. It came with APC props as well.

Since then HK has come to the fore with much cheaper products , but the MPI (Maxx Products International) Twinstar Brushless Comboupgrade has never let me down and is still kicking butt after 4 year-plus of regular flying from NJ to NEAT fair to Joe Nall eWeek, to good old Las Vegas.........

Sun's up! and did not win the $500M lotto -- I'll just have to go flying to make myself feel better...Eric.
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