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When doing a hover practice, you don't start with a dinnerplate, you start with a 1 meter square and just learn to keep the heli inside it. Hovering takes a lot of fine control and you'll only end up constantly over correcting if you try hovering on such a small area.

When hovering over the 1 meter square, you only need to touch the cyclic when it's nearing the edge, a *very* slight overcorrection to nudge it back towards the center but try to keep it as level as you possibly can within a couple of cyclic movements. When it starts drifting to the other side five seconds later, nudge it back. If the heli takes three to five seconds to reach the other side of the box, you are hovering. The longer it takes the heli to get across, the better your control is becoming and you can start shrinking the hover area.

Right now, i probably do less stick movements hovering the GeniusCP a foot from my face (probably a five inch box) than i did trying to keep it inside the 1m square when i started.

Don't start with a frisbee, the people you see doing it on youtube has been practicing a lot longer than you have.
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