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Originally Posted by ftherrmann View Post
The RCRC flying site is up and running.. The thumbnail view also shows up correctly in Phoenix. The crash objects are not totally perfect, but close enough! I also cleaned up my shadows in photoshop.



The flying site file can be found at:

SORRY I have collided with Harald again, I agree with him.
I have had a look at RCRC, it is promising.
The major deficiency is the lack of shadow. I guess the sun position is not properly set. If Puzom were here he could comment on ambient value. We are using values around 100 instead of the default 60, depends on the position of the sun.

If I were in your position and had this extremely good scenery I would
add a lot more efforts to make it better.
If you need assistance we can give you, of course.
You know the distances of remote objects like row of trees, if taxiing against those you can judge the distance, it can not be perfect if the ground is tilted.
(Have failed to find your site at Google Earth, could you give the exact GPS coordinates?)
For instance at present the row of trees at right is about 500 metres (I will check again if have more time).
As Harald said (some time ago) that there is no reason to construct collision objects untill the pano is perfect, I have to add
this is true that untill the tilting of ground is not properly covered by planes and or h-maps.
The proper use of skyline collision objects and the possibility of alpha masking are challenging possibilities for you.
Anyway congratulations.
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