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Originally Posted by FouYucker View Post
How do I disable the clutch thing for rock crawling or getting up steeper grades?\

If you guys are going to do the different bodies when are you going to publish them?

I should make a video or pictures.

You can do it endoscopically (lol!). If you know where, you can poke a hole and stick a toothpick with a drop of CA on it and it will wick into the crown gear clutch - deactivating it until the CA happens to lose grip.

I should try to show you that - give me some days and I'll try to get it here for you - it's easy, and worthwhile as long as there are no kids around who like to pick up the car and run it across the table going "vroom vroom" as they destroy the gearbox. That safety clutch is there for a good reason.

Another thing to do is to simply double the springs, or change to a stronger spring.
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