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So Dennis –

1) In test #1 I noticed the Cur was way off so I checked the config.h file after the flight – Just before the flight I was messing with the CUR_GAIN and went all the way down to 0.5 to see what it would do. Then I went to bring it back up to 0.20 and accidentally changed CUR_MEAS (not CUR_GAIN) to 0.20 That explains why the current was so shot in test #1.
So before test 2 I fixed CUR_MEAS to 2 and I was always getting low values on Current. So before test #2 I went all the way up to 5.0 That explains why it was so high. Getting closer - trial and error !

2)-Also between flights I changed ALTITUDE_OFFSET to 0. You will notice the test #1 had the full 4000 feet or so elevation – I wanted it to start at 0, so I changed the variable from 1 to 0, even though I know that is opposite what it should, thinking that would do it- but it did not ?
I often also get a weird elevation number like 545.6 or something immediately after the "before flight" summary – then it appears to go away after a few more satellites or something ?

3)-The volts is perfect for a large variety of voltages when not in flight (very small amps), but when I put a larger load (like 4 motors) on the system, the volts goes down as it should. However, it goes down way too far. I have a meter on the pack while flying and it does not go down near as much as the OSD reads while flying. I'm sure the OSD Voltage reading is not accurate as the NAZA is set to go down way before that – not sure what to do here?

4)-LOS is not hooked up so not sure why numbers ? Did not understand your conversation with the EmersionRC folks - way above my head - can you simplify or break down this conversation for me? You say you have never used RSSI. So what do you do? How do you know when you have reached the limits of your system or when you might be experiencing some strange interference. Do you have another method of checking things. I plan to push the limits as I gain more experience but I would like to do it as inexpensively as possible. I have no idea the distance of my system right now. Do you go till you crash ?

5)-The numbers above volts don't mean anything to me - how do you use it?
I'll trade the space on the OSD for coordinates so when flying in the forest I could record the coordinates on OSD to find the plane if it goes down in the brush. I also intend on flying over some very remote forests with the ZepherII.

6)-The summary seems confusing when I am waiting for satellites- why is the summary up before flight anyway with a bunch of zeros?
I can see the use of a summary at the end of flight, maybe...but why before?

7)-Speed is a function of the silly gps – very choppy!
In order for MAX to see my gps I had to set things like this
// GPS baudrate
#define BAUD 38400
#define BAUD2 38400 // For testing, just ignore for now.

So is 38400 still under testing? - Maybe I can look forward to it working a bit better...yes?

8)-I like the idea of elevation based on the more accurate pressure sensors. I hope they are faster and more accurate ! I am particularly interested in accuracy with the copter. For example, I eventually want to hug the bottom of these channels as in test#2 landscape. I think the more accurate elevation will help in many ways. Also in descending in a copter, things get weird descending too fast, but what is that speed I can descend - some indicator will help. I guess same thing for my ZepherII which I have not flown yet - but I can imagine doing the same thing - skimming the floor and 100 + mph (USA talk ) and I think it would be nice to have a fast, accurate elevation check.

9)-It would be nice if the timer could be more easily controlled – not sure how?
Notice.. I think it was in flight #2 I did not take off till 10 minutes ? I was waiting for satellites on the NAZA gps. Then my timer was all off

10)-Do you think it would be possible to connect up our MAX OSD to the NAZA gps? I don't see the need to carry two gps's around –

Ha ...10 items ~ are you sure you want me to be one of your test pilots

Hope that helps,

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