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GPS LED always solid and 0 satellite data in multiwiiconf


I'm a reader of this HK Multiwii Pro thread since the first HK Mutliwii was announced. I Finally got one in the mail yesterday (from the second batch) and was excited to try out the board.

Opening up my kit, it is slightly different than the first batch. The cable colors are not in the same order for the GPS as some pictures show. My GPS has no stickers with a model name or serial number on the under side. The top gps antenna has a blank white sticker over it... Other than that it seems identical to what I've seen for the first batch.

My excitement soon dropped late last night after trying almost everything possible (didn't try the minigps config tool, WinGUI or megapirate NG yet) to get the GPS data showing up.

Here is what I tried up to now:
- wired the GPS GND, TX2 going to RX pin on GPS, wired RX2 pin to TX on GPS, VDD (as shown here and here)
- I installed Arduino 1.0.2 + MultiWii dev version r1240 (In order to use the AUTOMATIC setup of the GPS described here )
- I uncommented the following lines of code in config.h
#define TRI //My frame setup
#define FFIMUv2
#define GPS_SERIAL 2 //GPS would stay red in multiwiiconf if I didn't do this
#define GPS_BAUD 115200 //As per the MegapirateNG thread
#define NMEA //Read somewhere this is also needed
#define INIT_MTK_GPS //Read it is supposed to do automatic MTK GPS setup
- Plugged everything in usb, lights came on (but solid red only on gps)
- Flashed it using arduino, loaded

This resulted in all sensors (except the GPS, which was shown in green) showing data in MultiwiiConf. The GPS info was all blank and not updating at all.
Also, after a few hours, the GPS never went from solid red to flashing. (Didn't try outdoors yet)

I'm starting to run out of options. I saw on the HK product page discussion that at least another person also had this solid GPS led light (of death?).

Anybody have any tips for testing out my GPS? (minigps, winGUI, megapirateNG or a second GPS, I actually have a G-OSD II 1Hz gps too to maybe test, anything?)

If I get better luck, I'll also share it as soon as I can.

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