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A bunch of planes

I've got a bunch of planes for sale for pick up at the event. I'll only bring if sold, don't want to take up space in my car without a buyer before heading out to the event. I would propose a deposit via PP and balance upon delivery.

I'll be attending on Saturday.

I've tried to describe the plane's condition. I may have missed something as I haven't been flying them lately. Please ask questions.

I haven't been following prices on much of this, if I'm out of line let me know. Thanks

Multiplex EasyStar RTF kit. Came with servos installed. And brushed system. I took out the brushed motor and was in the process of installing a Brushless Medusa motor. Got started on modifying the motor pod and didn't finish before loosing interest. I was going to glue a hardwood stick below the motor and wire tie the motor in place. I still have the brushed set up if you'd like it. I need to get some pictures of this plane yet. Plane $110, Medusa motor $35

Hobby Lobby Lynx EDF - NIB kit with fan and nacelle.
Asking $50

MS Composite Cap 232 Large 63" wing span EPP foamy Started to build put together the 2 wing halves and installed the fiberglass stiffeners. Everything else is as new in box. Kit when new was $250. Asking $200.

Mig 50mm EDF Fishbed Foamy kit by Jets n Stuff. Depron kit from a small manufacturer. Here's a thread
Kit was originally $80. Asking $35.

1/4 scale J3 Cub kit by Balsa USA This kit has been started. Fuse partially built, one wing half partially built. Rest in the box. I'll need to take pictures if there's interest. Asking $150.

Flown -
MQX Quad - Some use. One of the booms cracked and it was CA'd together. The repair will probably hold up through a crash or two but will probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Includes stock charger and 2 batteries, extra blades that came with it. Asking $100

Parkzone Champ and floats
- Very little use, good condition. The board was bad when I received it so HH sent me a replacement. To install it I had to cut the tape that holds the top of the fuse to the rest of the plane. I also had to open it up to install mounting point for the floats. Its taped back on with Scotch type tape. Comes with the stock charger and radio. Has one battery with it.
- Floats were made from plans and thread here on RCG. They are lightly airbrushed with gray acrylic paint. They can be changed out in about 10 seconds. Never used.
Asking $70 for the plane, $20 for the floats.

- Well used. Covering has been reattached in many places. Still flyable.
Comes with radio, charger (if I can find it), one TP um battery. Asking $55.

4 Site
- its seen a number of crashes and repairs. Can still be flown though is getting a little flexi. Mostly being sold for electronics. Asking $45

Electrifly Synapse edf only flown a couple times. Crunched the nose, glued back together. Has all the stock components Ammo 20-40-3500 brushless motor, silver series 25a ESC, servos. Stored in its box. Asking $70.

Multiplex Merlin - has 4 HS-56 servos installed. 1712/15 1600kv outrunner, folding prop and spinner. I ran the motor nonstop last time I flew it and the motor melted the mounting area. I started to fix with JB weld and was going to reinforce behind current mount but lost interest. Basically giving away the airframe with the electronics. Asking $75

MS Composite mini Swift - just add your receiver and battery. Asking $70

Blade MCPx heli- Has solid boom mod. Canopy posts on frame have broken off and been repaired, new frame is included. Many parts including swash, blades, etc. Canopy has some small tears in edges. Includes 4 hyperions batts, charger. Asking $100 for heli, parts, batts, charger. Add $30 for BNF radio.

mCPx case- looks as new. Asking $30

fixer uppers -
Like to fix planes? I can't bear to throw these out but don't feel like fixing them. I have two 42" wingspan Extreme Flight Edge 300s. One red and one blue. No electronics included. Both are crunched up front. Asking $25 for both OBO. I also have a Precision Aerobatics Katana that's smashed up front, cowl is in multiple pieces. I ordered and received a replacement motor mount. Wings are in good condition. Asking $20 (the cost of the new motor mount). Pictures on request.

Tool Box - Lift-n-Lock, awesome orange - only used for a short time. Looks like new. Asking $45.

I also have a vintage Zagi 400x in good condition. If interested let me know and I'll post some images.

Hyperion 615i Duo3 2 port charger Asking $165
Hitec Optic 6 radio on 2.4 - Asking?
Eclipse 7 on 2.4 and 72mhz - Asking?
Charger power supplies - somehow I've acquired too many. I'll need to get specs if anyone's interested. Some are server, and some are the Cosell (sp?) type.
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