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Yeah I am pretty sure it will continue to barrel roll 360degrees until I correct it. I have only let it go about 90degrees before I roll the other way to cancel it out. Its veryyy noticeable and I don't think there would be thatttt much inertia. I was going to try and get a video of it today but my AXN came today so I built that.

My luck got the best of me though...It always does! What should have taken 1-2hours took me almost 7hrs to build this PNP AXN. I bought a 45a turnigy esc and I could not get it programmed at all with 2 of my turnigy receivers. Everytime I turned it on it would go into programming mode and not respond to anything (I think the guy I bought my TX/rx's from messed something up big time, because one of the lifepo cells ends up draining in 10min when used normally). So I switched on the dsm module(lifepo works fine this way) and tried with my DSM rx from the edge540 and it armed and worked like a charm, I still haven't programmed it though (and I don't really want anything to get messed up lol).

I finally got the plane built and ready to fly and of course the sun just set so it was too dark to see lol I left the dsm RX in my and tried the turnigy 8chv2 receiver and the esc went into programming mode, So I unplugged the lipo and replugged it back in, This time the motor was twitching and the servo's were as well so I unplugged the lipo and I smelt something burning =( I double checked all the connections and nothing was mixed up. Lipo/esc have xt60's on them so I didn't mess that up. I took the dsm rx out of the axn put it in the edge and the motor armed like normal but was very quiet. When I gave it a bit of throttle it was very underpowered. So I am guessing it got fried somehow....Could a bad receiver cause this?

Long story short I hate my luck. Nothing goes my way. Even when I stick to micro's random stuff happens...My old P-51's battery wire jammed the elevator servo as soon as I completed a stall turn and plummeted nose first into the ground!

I realize its my luck that makes me change hobbies so often lol I get tired of it xD
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