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Originally Posted by Balr14 View Post
You are doing great! But, don't shift in to idle up mode on the ground. You want to be in the air at neutral throttle; much less stress on the equipment. You should probably get used to using throttle hold, rather than cutting the throttle in a crunch situation. When you cut throttle quickly you induce negative pitch, so you come down faster. There are two ways to offset this: use a pitch curve that has very little negative pitch or raise throttle trim. The downside of doing this is it reduces your ability to fight wind. But, if you use throttle trim, you can reduce it with a flick of a finger. The use of throttle trim to control flight characteristics is standard operating procedure on the Thunder Tiger Innovator. It works quite nicely on quads, too.
Yup, I made a custom pitch curve that is all positive pitch. 1 to 6 degrees.
It doesn't get light on the skids at the curve I set until around 2 or 3 deg, so even if I completely cut the throttle it won't pancake. When I enabled idle-up mode I made sure I was at zero or very little pitch. It makes a quick 180, then sits there screaming happily
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