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Also I think one of the "Other Considerations" should be: A good and willing pilot flying the aircraft to be photographed. Someone that is at least cognizant of the photographers needs as it pertains to the aircraft.

Cameras do not recognize the difference between an aircraft flying at 40 mph or one going 140 mph, the photographer will but the camera doesn't really care. The 40 mph aircraft will be much EASIER for the photographer to capture than the same aircraft going 140 mph. Same applies as to the ASPECT of the aircraft. Closer is better. Most "subjects" I have shot were well appreciated by the pilots later. Especially those images that show the aircraft in flight, with gear deployed on passes as well as take off and landing sequences. The "BEST" of those type are done when the pilot is fully aware of the camera and is comfortable with the aircraft enough to make low slow passes. The trick for the pilot is to NOT get out of his comfort zone of flight or attempt something with the aircraft that he is unfamiliar with. Normal flying in a regular pattern will work best for most photographers. If the pilot wants (is accustomed to) flying WAY out in the flying area and is not a "smooth" pilot but makes maneuvers that are "jerky" or sudden in nature then the resulting photographs will not normally be very good. The pilot of the aircraft being photographed can make good photo op's or can absolutely refuse to present the model in a good position.

I personally have had people fly in a straight line for about 2 seconds and then jerk the plane up into a square loop of about 1 second intervals several times while also flying out at about 200 feet - all at full throttle of course - and later asking me if I "Got some good ones". LOL!!

Enough already as this is really a thread about cameras and settings. I just thought one of the other considerations from MY perspective is certainly having an "AWARE" pilot at the controls.

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