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Well, at least it didn't catch fire...


So I had a half hour free. I decided to sneak out and fly the NEKKID SUE. Here is a picture of her wearing her new name... and Dog is my co-pilot.

Flight 1 of the day...

Test balance, test glide, test control surfaces... this is going to be glorious !!! Run it up to 60% throttle and give it the ol' heave ho... it's up, it's banking, I hit rudder... no, wait, I'm turning down the throttle !!! AIEEEE... I hit the throttle up, I try doing rudder at the same time... I SUCK... she's going down... *THUD* *WHAP WHAP CRUNCH*

WHAP WHAP CRUNCH ??? That's a new noise.

I go over to poor crashed SUE, and she's SMOKING. She's not old enough to smoke !!!

If you remember my last flight logs, you will remember I had problem with the battery peeling off of the foam board. It did it again. As far as I can reconstruct, the battery peeled off and flopped around. Now, if you remember my description above... the last thing I did before crunching was UP THROTTLE and hit rudder at the same time. Yes, she was at max throttle when she hit... so the propeller had a few good whacks at the LiPo... and cut it open like a very expensive can of beans. And it was gently smoking when I got there.

Now, in a way it would have been a spectacular end to the pain of poor NEKKID SUE if she had burned up in a blaze of glory. It would have been a great tale, too. But I just grabbed the battery off, set it way aside, and took poor SUE back to the Aviation Repair Facility...

I supposed there isn't much one can do with a munched LiPo ???

I'm beginning to think you guys should delete this thread, ban my IP address, and make sure I never come near the forums again. At this rate, I'm going to discourage new people.

Ad Astra ??
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