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Originally Posted by Power Up View Post
Cool logging features! Now a back to back accompanying vid to more or less correspond with the squiggly lines would be the catís meow. Any chance of that next time out?
Not at the moment unfortunately! I only have a keychain cam which I sometimes fly on the 450. Since I don't have a Youtube account, I'm limited to a 1.95MB max video upload to RCG! For the keychain cam output, that would be just a few seconds of video.

In the past, I've tried using a helmet cam, but I have a habit of holding my head at an angle, and I couldn't keep the heli in shot, even when using an aiming device made from a wire coat hanger.... A friend of mine also reckons I have some heli to TX mixing going on, since I tend to move the TX during heli moves, and probably pull a few faces too.

The squiggly lines only result from fairly basic moves like loops, flips, rolls and stall turns. I used about 100mah more per pack this morning, and it turns out my pinion is a bit mangled. The heli has been getting a bit noisier of late, so I should have spotted it without any "electrical" evidence. Actually looking again at my logs, the governor is holding HS to within about 50rpm, since the magenta line in the logs is motor, rather than rotor rpm.

The pinion damage makes me wonder, though - how can a soft nylon maingear cause damage to a relatively hard brass pinion? I don't see any bits of anything hard lodged in the maingear teeth.
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