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I wanted to jump in here, I have this Easy trainer 800 and im a new pilot,
Im having motor problems with mine! It flew fine for 3 flights with no crashes. then the motor started sounding like crap when it spins up but I flew it any way thinking it was just me being anal. I could tell right away that it seemed slugesh. I brought it down fine. Then when i tried to throttle up again the motor wouldnt spin up and acted as if it was jammed. it kinda spits and spurts but will not spin up any more. if you fool with the other controls for a sec then try again to throttle up it hesitates and spits then spins up, but i dont trust it enough to launch it at this point. Any ideas whats wrong with it? I have an email in to the tech dept at BH but im sure you guys know thats a crap shoot on if i get any help or even a response. Even then Im doughtful they will replace the bad parts what ever they may be.
BUT HERES THE KICKER! have you guys checked the parts page for this model? NO MOTOR, NO ESC, NO WING, NO FUSE, just some glue, tx/rx, batt, prop and alligator clips! basically you might aswell just buy a new plane to get the parts you want or need. BUT IS THIS PLANE WORTH THAT? what do you guys think?
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