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Originally Posted by DenverJayhawk View Post
yeah. Anything you deem as a personal attack is a terrible screw up.
No, anything the Mods determine is a violation, is warned with appropriate points awarded. Merely being reported will not earn warnings if one does not violate the rules in a Mod's opinion. You won't even know that someone reported your post. On the other hand, frivolous or malicious reporting will earn the reporting person warnings, as we have recently seen.

Tell me, how many posts have you reported that the Mods called BS? I'll bet it's a lot.
The Mods have never commented one way or the other, on any reporting that I have done.

If you have received warnings, that you believe are unjustified, you can always appeal them, if you haven't yet edited your post to remove the existing warning. Various LTUP posters have successfully appealed warnings by this method.

As for myself, every time that I was warned, I acknowledged that I had violated a rule so I didn't bother. No sense in annoying the mods. Remember Will Haney.

PS. I don't know who reported my posts, and I don't care. Probably wasn't the person I would first think of, and who cares, it violated a rule, therefore was warned.
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