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Originally Posted by Boris13 View Post
Good evening,

I just stripped down and rebuilt my Lama V3 tonight - it's basically a V4 in an Alouette Lama body, as you probably know..
I bought a Lama V3 about 4 years ago. When I first got it I was almost scared to fly it, I thought I would wreck it, and I proceeded very slowly. Nowadays I can make the thing do anything. It is stable enough where I can take my hands off the cyclic and it will (more or less) stay in one place in mid-air for a while. The thing crashed quite a few times, Ive replaced blades, landing gears, shafts, gears, etc. It's a great helicopter. On a calm day I can sly it out the door into the yard, send it up pretty high, however for a while then fly it back into the house and land it on the breakfast table. It's a nice machine. Most of the time I fly my larger single rotor helis and the Lama sits on the shelf. But last night I decided to fire it up after many months., Charged up a battery, cleaned off a heavy layer of dust from the heli and took off Still flies great after all these years. Only mods I made to it over the years was to replace the swashplate with the aluminum CNC swash from Extreme and replace the flybar holder with the aluminum CNC from Extreme. The original plastic swash tends to separate and the original flybar holder was way too flimsy.
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