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I've had Spektrum, Older WK, and the new Devo radios. I prefer the sticks of the Devo 8s any day. But that's MY opinion.

Horizon's stuff is more expensive (for example, $11 for a cheap Chinese main motor that fails after 30+ flights for my Nano). My Walkera micros have a MUCH more stable FBL system (it's rock solid stable and WAY easy to fly without having to put bullet blades on it), are cheaper and are equally capable as my Blade helis. I shouldn't have to be cornered into buying another $350+ radio just to fly Blade helis, when I have a perfectly capable Devo 8s, which is of GREAT quality, IMO.

That's not to say you're well within your right to use DXx radios and only buy cheapos to fly other brands, if you want. But I'm at the point now where I don't hold either or any brand in higher regards as my "primary" brand, except for my radio hardware itself. I prefer the feel of the Devo 8S, so I use it. I just want to be able to buy any heli I want to use with it without having to buy yet another TX.

I'm proud to say I fly an AR7200BX Trex 250, Nano CP X, HP05 mCPX, HP05/03t double brushless Mini CP, and a V120D02S, all with my Devo 8S. Flawlessly. No bugs, no glitches, no unexpected behavior.

Everyone is entitled to use what they want, and I should be entitled to use my Devo for all of those, if made possible by the brilliant programmers of the Deviation project. It's my opinion that this firmware is the best thing to ever happen to RC.
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