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Originally Posted by crobar View Post
Hey guys I have a question that is not intended to offend, it's just one of those need to know philosophical and possible life changing inquiries. If you don't own a gymnasium or don't have private property that has no wind, then why are these micro/UMX/ planes so popular? Now that they come with the gyro's they fly great outdoors but what about all of the pre-gyro fliers? Do people buy long bed trucks with tall camper shells and fly in them? Do they construct those large revival tents and fly in them? I try to fly my 32"edge 540 in the wind and it simply blows away, and it is heavier than the UMX models.
I don't think you'll offend anyone here by asking a legitmate question like this. I think some of your question depends on what you are used to, or skilled in flying in. I never flew my wet fuel planes when it was very windy... I just don't like flying in wind. Anything under 8-10mph is no problem. Above that, and you've got to be careful with anything, IMO. If you live in a place that is ALWAYS windy.... you will just have to adjust for the wind. You would probably benefit from the extra punch of 3s lipo's in your Edge. That will help you power through the wind. 2s is a little more "floaty", but you can still "ride" with the wind. Just keep practicing... I used to have a hell of a time keeping my plane in the same area code when it was windy.... now I like to throw it up in the wind on 2s just so I can literally make it stand still in the air and pointed into the wind. It is frustrating at times. It is hard to get used to. Like the others have said, early mornings and just after sunset usually provides a little "less-wind" times. I would give the 3s lipos a shot though if you're struggling in the wind. just my 2 cents....
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