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Originally Posted by thunder1 View Post
Hobby Lobby isn't being forced to provide birth control drugs directly to their employees, no matter how much they insist they are. They aren't providing them any more then they are providing their employees with health care or drugs. The doctors and pharmacies are. That they feel an employee's health insurance comes directly from them is ludicrous. It comes from the employee's labor, period. It's a part of the employee's salary, and they shouldn't have any more say in how they receive that health care than they do in what the rest of the employee's salary.

If the owners of Hobby Lobby were true Christians, and chose not to judge as Jesus instructed, they would allow the employee to take the money intended for the heath insurance premium and allow the employee to purchase their own plan. That way they would be just as insulated from the choice of health insurance as they are from the rest of the employee's salary.
Non-christians and especially non-cathloics wouldn't understand. If your releigon is aginst any form of birth control, then it's aginst you paying for it for somebody else. Employees do have rights. They have the rights to find a better job somewhere else who does provide the things they want. When someone goes to work for somone like Hobby Lobby, they reach an agreement wih that employer as to what they are paid and what their benefits are. If they don't like it, they are free to move on! Nobody is forced to work for them. Ther are things like flex-spending accounts where they could use to cover any RX's that are not covered by insurance. Birth control pills are about $108.00 for a year supply. If you cant afford that, your really not responsible enough to have the fun you would need it for!!!!!
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