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Servo camera mount returns

So the servocity mount was voted off the island. With all the requirements for sensing its position, it was too slow. After PWM recalibration & a voltage experiment, the home made mount came back.

Another attempt to slow it down by running it on 3.3V made the motors stall. Tower hobbies said it ran on 3.3V. It must have been rediscovered many times but lost to memory that 3.3V makes it stall.

Then, the task of aircraft tuning resumed. There is a lot of noise in the position sensing, but given enough balancing, it can fly itself for a short time. Without a very good position readout, the feedback needs to be bare minimum & the balancing needs to be exact. The IR cameras only do 20fps while the visible cameras did 34fps, making for a much slower position reading.

The Syma X1 was more forgiving of balancing, but the Blade MCX is the vehicle of choice for micro UAVs because it is the smallest with full cyclic yet has the highest payload for its size.

Ended up putting a follower amplifier on the digital to analog converter, to eliminate any chance of the rc transmitter failing to receive the right voltage. That turned out to not be the problem.
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