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Originally Posted by David Hipperson View Post
Dear OldeMan, If in your older models you were using 15C, 20C or even 25C packs that progressive fall off in performance that you noticed in flight is quite normal.
Cool, I didn't know that was a "property" of C rating. I've always used 30c and higher packs as they are usually the same price as 20 or 25. Huh.

Originally Posted by David Hipperson View Post
To john, Hi. Although I do have a couple of pack detectors I gave up using them. I rely entirely on my chargers which have screens displaying the values of each cell before, during and after charging or even during storage. Yes, I do put my packs into store form all the time when not in use. If storing for a long time pull the packs down to store rate and if you have an old beer refridgerator keep them in that.
I've got the typical 4 button charger (turnigy accucell-6). I was talking about the little pcbs with speakers that are supposed to detect and sound off when your battery drops below like 3.3v per cell in the air. Never worked right for me.

I'm very careful with my packs, especially since I lost 2 over the summer to various misadventures so I'm down to one 2200 3s 30c.

Originally Posted by OldeMan View Post
Well, that is disappointing -- I thought one of these little gizmos would be just what I needed. I'm not happy with throttle timers because my style of flying changes with my whims. I can't pick one time that is meaningful on every flight. So I'd prefer to have the battery tell me when it's time to come down.
I have the same problem with timers. I'm anything but consistent. I guess it's down to discipline then to pay attention to a timer haha.

Your mileage may vary with the low voltage alarms. They just never worked right for me. I was also buying cheapies so maybe that has something to do with it, but they really don't appear to be complicated devices so maybe not. I'm sure like everything though, you get what you pay for.

Regarding cutting power fully, I've got a throttle cut off switch programmed. Very useful for this purpose and also for keeping fingers intact.

Regarding your vtail throws being uneven. I'm sure you've already hashed this out but doesn't hurt to mention it. From the factory, all of my servo arms were off center by one tooth either way. I took them off, centered my servos and put them back on, then used a tiny bit of subtrim to get them exactly 90 degress, and a tiny endpoint adjustment to get them even.

On my 9x transmitter, I didn't use the preloaded v-tail mix so I don't know what thats like, but my elevator and aileron are adjustable per channel, so maybe there is a way to "unlink" them like that on yours? Then again, you seemed to have solved your problem so maybe messing with it isn't needed

It just looks like this:

100% RUD
-100% ELE
100% ELE
100% RUD

and then each of the channels subtrim and endpoint are adjustable in a different menu
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