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No, it's not people not understanding. Conception takes place(aka fertilized egg), if something like plan b keeps it from attaching, it dies. So if fertilization does occur, then technically the morning after pill does cause an abortion.

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This is IMO the salient point, why should a company be allowed to make decisions regarding the health care their employees receive? No one is forcing any of the employees of this company to actually use these services if they dont want to.

The fact that the company owner sticks to a fairly hard line interpretation of religious doctrine (many Christians have no problem with abortions, let alone contraception) does not give them the right to enforce their views upon others.

Seems people here also need to learn the difference between an abortion and a contraceptive measure. The morning after pill prevents a fertilised egg implanting in the uterus and thus from becoming an actual pregnancy. This happens naturally in a large percentage of cases without anyone knowing so can hardly be considered human sacrifice.

But to be perfectly honest I dont really understand why health insurance is part of your job. Here we pay for our own, short cuts a lot of this sort of rubbish.
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