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ALES rules and guidlines

Hello from RCbobcat55 Pardon me for being somewhat ignorant but could someone here give me the basic rules outline for the ALES events? Many years ago I flew a lot of pure sailplane contests and also a bunch of local electric events and always wondered what would the best way to even out the skyrockets against the models that most sport flyers could afford. I think the idea is great-actually it could be a handicap to go straight up. I have never seen a real sailplane go vertical in a climb out and surely no one would risk a sailplane with them in it by sticking it in the ground. The main reason I am inquiring is that I have been designing and kitting sailplanes since about 1976 and would like to format my latest design to be used for this event as well as general sport flying. It has a six panel 96" span balsa sheeted foam core wing with 4 different Drela airfoils, flaps and a V tail- pod and boom fuselage and would lend itself well to electric power. I call it the Mistic and would like to draw it up showing the proper equipment for this event. Any help would be appreciated. If you want to see one of my designs look under handlaunch sailplanes in RC groups under Dyne-O-Mite and you will find an 8 page build blog with many pictures of models built from my kits. I also do custom foam core cutting and have access to a laser cutter. Maybe someone would be interested in this new design. Please feel free to contact me at Thanks Much Bob M...
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