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Landing at 3.8v idle is the safest you could do, most likely. Any lower and you're in the danger zone in most instances.

The fact that you're only putting 561mAh back into the battery suggests that there's something seriously wrong. I think the cold is to blame. Do you warm up your LiPos in your pocket or in the car before using or do they go into the plane cold? LiPos really don't like to be cold.

It also might be a dead cell, but let's hold off that avenue since cold seems the most likely suspect until proven otherwise.

If it isn't the cold, I'd still suggest getting some higher-C batteries. Your nano-techs are almost certainly over-rated by HK, as HK does to most of their batteries... I'd suggest finding batteries that can take your load without puffing or getting hot at all... even temporary puffing is bad for the packs.

In response to your ailerons: The cold might be getting to them. Some cheaper servos don't handle cold well. Sounds like the issue is bad centering if the plane wants to roll after moving it back to center. It is most likely the servos.
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