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I flew today: 450 SE and 500 ESP. Crashed the 450 in a horrible deja vu manner. The last time I flew where I was today one of the plastic link ends of the turnbuckle long adjusting links let go. (I had re-installed it after it had pulled out, so it was my fault the threads in the link end were sub-par.)

Well, I put a decent link end on the turnbuckle and flew the heck out of the heli fifteen or twenty times. Then today, flying at the same spot, as I was rolling back upright from inverted, the plastic link end on the port servo arm let go of the threaded metal link and in it went. At least it wasn't from dumb thumbs.

Tonight I finished the repairs: main bearings, main gear, main shaft, and 35.00 Edge main blades! FortunateIy had a set of CY's in the heli room, which I actually prefer, but there will be a parts order from aero-micro tomorrow.
Sorry about the crash. I think I am like you and have new or better parts, but don't want to jinks myself by putting something new on. I think they make the rods to small on the 450. My elevator always feels like it's only holding on by a thread or two.
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