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Originally Posted by Dan_D View Post
Thats actually one of my goals, although I have been thinking about this with a quad copter. There is a reason.

I am assistant chief of a rural volunteer fire department. We get a lot of field, brush, and forest fires during the late fall when the grasses are dry, the leaves are down, etc. Field and brush fires can be dangerous because I might have 5 crews spread over many acres without good visual contact with all of them. The nightmare scenario is having a crew on the wrong side of a hill and have a fire encircle them.

I have thought that a quad copter with simplified flying controls (basically UP, DOWN, FORWARD, BACK, and TURN) with FPV would be very useful. This wouldn't be for "fun flying", so I wouldn't mind handing off most of the flying to an onboard computer/gyro/accelerometer/gps system... I want to be able to hop up 200 feet and look around and see where my guys are, where the fire edges are, and which way the fire is running.

Of course, this sort of thing could also be handy for first-in exploration of a haz-mat situation. We had a report once of a burning tractor-trailer loaded with 14 tons of dynamite. We went in and discovered that the fire had not spread beyond the breaks and tire yet... but I sure would have loved to have been able to send in a remote eye first...

There are a number of multirotors available that would work for that . The least expensive ones are the most difficult to fly because they need the most pilot input . The more expensive ones are easier to fly . Besides the stabilization , auto leveling , heading and altitude hold , you can get a system that brings the copter back to you ( by pulling the right stick back towards you ) no matter which direction the " front " of it is pointing . Also , if signal is lost it hovers in place until signal is regained , and if it doesn't get the signal back within a minute , it flies itself back to the spot it took off from and lands itself . But those are many thousands of dollars .
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