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Flying Wing Revisited

This model was a committee design, on this forum, 3 years ago.

It made a number of successful flights but ran into problems with the prop. The 8x4 moved the airplane but was way too small for the MicroDan motor. Any larger prop destroyed itself by sucking up sand and rocks on take off attempts. The MicroDan needs a 10x6 or 11x7. That really eats rocks! I could never get the gear long enough for take off and the larger props made hand launch dangerous - call me chicken.

Also, this model was built around the credit card size Olympus FE 360 camera. A beautiful camera, but not one that is suited to off-field UAV operation. It was destroyed early by a few grains of sand around the lens barrel. For the last couple of years, this project has resided on the airplane pile in the pump house.

The other day I spotted a Panasonic Lumix Tough camera on ebay. It's not as small as the FE 360 but the lens is in the upper right edge of the camera face and remains flush when the camera is in use. It's a 16MP digital and it's sealed - good in 30 ft of water without a case and intended for use in sand - wow!

Mounting the camera upside down places the lens window at the bottom of the wing section. That would fit an oblique mount within the root section.

So, I bought the Lumix, rescued the airplane for the pump house, carved a lens port out of the underside and built a camera mount into the rear section. Oh yeah, I removed the landing gear and pusher mount and moved the motor to the front, where it belongs.

The result is:

Span: 52 inches
Root Chord: 12.25
Tip Chord: 8.5 inches
Area: 4 sq ft
AUW: 45 ounces
Wing Loading: 11.25 oz/sq ft

MicroDan motor ~280 Watts
68 Watts per sq ft
100 Watts per pound

That should hand launch nicely.

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