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Hi Philkite. Your comments all make sense but determining whether tail incidence or c of g or nose heavy etc., is all part of the fun and frustration of scratch building as never easy. I believe I have the right position of the c of g as determined when I had a level flight although I did alter the tail incidence at the same time to achieve level flight. Two thirds of each wing (the inner section) is from a previous model of an RF 5 that I got fed up with as neither a decent power model or electric glider but was my own design but with a bog standard Clark Y section. The centre of gravity which was known and established is about exactly where my determination of the c of g is on the K13 even though the wings sweep forward on the K13 but did not on the RF5. Certainly on my Bocian I did end up taking out all weight in the nose. The K13 is not diving on take off. It only does such if I put the nose down it becomes steeper and I cannot get a static/stationary 'steady' balance when testing in the workshop or even holding on ones finger tips which I have always found beneficial if one can achieve such as the model should then be relatively stable when flying. Is this called static margin or something? There is no wing twist or tip dropping as far as I have experienced so far so think the washout etc., is ok.
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