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Originally Posted by Dan_D View Post
I had already been thinking about Laser Tag... Use small batteries to run the laser so that it's like having limited ammunition. A plane that is hit could cut throttle or something. People who really into realism could have it actuate a smoke bomb or an M-80
You can get laser tag RC planes . When hit , your motor is disabled for a few seconds . These seem to be toy grade , not hobby grade , though .

Another fun RC activity is FPV ( first person view ) , where there's a small camera on the plane that transmits the image to video goggles that you're wearing , so you're flying the plane as if you are in the cockpit . You can even get head tracking - if you move your head to the left or right , up or down , the camera on the plane moves accordingly . slim1357 has an FPV system , I've tried his - lot's of fun !

And another fun one that we do is fly at night with LED lights on the plane - with radio controlled flashing patterns , etc. We almost always have people come up to us and tell us they thought they were seeing UFO's ! And flying at night is nice if the wind usually dies down after dark where you live .

Here's some guys who put on a show with their night flyers in Singapore .

Night Flyers (Singapore Night Flyers, Clarke Quay) (3 min 2 sec)
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