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Originally Posted by SlopeSoarer99 View Post
Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right place If not please tell me where I should post this if that's ok

I'm just wondering if their any rules to multiplayer.

Long story short, I had someone calling me 'Gay' down the mic because I said I could do a demo flight for them which doesn't really make any sense for them to call me that and isn't really a reason at all, haha I said you shouldn't call me that and said I'd report you if you did it. When I said that, he kicked me. So I joined again and said it's wrong to do that and now I'm banned from his session. Unfortunately the other people in the server disagreed with me saying I was overreacting and I should be quiet and stop going on about him saying that which in all fairness may have been the pragmatic thing to do, but not the correct thing to do IMO. I looked around and it appears to be you can't report someone even though I thought you could. Someone said because it's their server, it's their rules so they can get away with it; is that so? I would've been happy to of muted him but couldn't see a facility in the software to do that. I could've muted my speakers but I sometimes like to hear that sounds of the planes. If you can't report users or servers and there are no rules, is RealFlight thinking of implementing any?

Sorry if this post comes across as whiny, it was one of my first times on multiplayer and it's annoying to get banned from a seemingly popular server for not doing anything wrong at all.

Thanks very much
Short of it is, you will find people in any multiplayer game that are like this. If it offends you, best solution is to ignore the person. The only other true recourse you have is to not play there. A session hosted by a user is a private session and is not controlled or maintained by anyone other than the host. Sadly the host was within their right to kick you when you started to disagree with them and point out their mistake, I said that the host was within their right, not that what they did was right or in fact moral, but that's a whole nother rant.

Don't take offense to it, and don't think all multiplayers are like that one person or group that was in that server, they aren't.

And talk about late to the party on this one, I had a case of brain clicky before eyes readie the date.
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