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Wow, thanks Rob. I feel my head swelling right now. Seriously, its great when I hear that kind of reaction to something I absolutely love to do. Thanks for relaying the story. We certainly have a great time at Vegas and always look forward to going back.

Yep, it will require some work for them to look good but at least they give you a decent start. When in the hell are you going to get some work done on that Ziroli A-1? I'm waiting. Would like to see it at SEFF next to my "little" one.

Had plans to use 1/64" Chartpak tape to create panel lines. That would equate to a 3/16" panel line at 1/12th scale. Still too big for scale but they don't make anything smaller. The plan was to use the tape, paint, and then peel it off to expose the gray underneath. Works alright with Krylon test samples on paper but unfortunately doesn't work well with acrylics over the primer surface. It tends to tear the paint and leave a ragged edge. So with the jet engines I just went with the tape and left it on. Gives the illusion of a panel line but is also subtle and is very thin.
Once these are completely dry I can give them a coat of Krylon Clear Satin to seal. The gunships had glassy black surfaces underneath.
Still working on the wing saddle, it won't be perfect, just presentable. It's really hard to work on it being so big and the fact that it is almost impossible to work on upside down.
Here's the action on the jet engines........

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