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as a European (at least nominally) I've only ever seen the servo built into the wing in gliders, usually of the small foam variety. Even the big glass soarers with glued in servos have an access hatch over them. Multiplex like the buried servo in their small electric powered all foam models like the Funjet but that's not a veneered wing!
On my wing mounted servos I either use a plastic servo mount that forms the hatch or make one from 1/16" ply and a couple of blocks. Occasionally I'll use a couple of servo rails across two ribs with the top of the servo proud of the wing just to ring the changes.

There is one setup (an old one) that would look the same. It used to be quite common to use 90 degree belcranks set out in the wing with pushrods to a single central servo. That would look like Kevin's setup but would have a lot more lost movement between the servo and aileron.
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