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Originally Posted by indoorheli View Post
Since we were talking about boom strength ...

I am not the best pilot and often try things i shouldn't so i have crashed many square hollow booms, round hollow booms and solid round booms. In my experience which includes many , many broken booms, without a doubt hollow square is stronger than hollow round but solid round is much stronger than both.
I don't own a Nano (yet?), and probably shouldn't have given Tail Boom mod advice in this thread, especially since I don't even know what shaped mounting holes it has.

After giving the subject more thought, I'm now vaguely remembering that the Nano may have a hollow round Tail Boom with both ends "keyed" for proper alignment (like the mSR Tail Boom). If so, staying round is probably the best choice, and solid would definitely be stronger than hollow. The thought of me trying to DIY the "keying" at both ends at the same angle, makes me feel apprehensive. I'm starting to think a weaker more difficult to DIY Tail Boom may be a "popular" sales item; however, I'm still wondering why it is only offered with an expensive Tail Motor? Let me guess, it might have something to do with sales again? Why sell the customer a weak $1 part, when there's an opportunity to sell the same weak part for $10? (I don't own a Nano, so I'm LOL as I type )

My earlier Tail Boom re-posts were originally intended for the Walkera Mini which comes from the factory with a hollow square Tail Boom and mounting holes, which is super easy to inexpensively DIY, as well as can be replaced and properly aligned in less than 1 min.

From a new design point of view, in my mind it's a no-brainer, a hollow square Tail Boom is the best choice because: 1) it results with the greatest strength for a given amount/weight and length of material, 2) facilitates component alignment at both ends.
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