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Originally Posted by Ah Clem View Post

I just looked at your restoration-your motor looks beautiful!

If it helps any, I have been flying Wen Mac and Testors engines again for the last few months.

I just went through (last Saturday) three Testors and Three Wen Mac motors (in most cases, the Rotomatic clutch was glued together from castor oil for the last 30 to 50 years (the engines are of varying age).

Once freed up, the engines all ran well.

I have been using Glo Plug Boy fuel. Initially, the Testors and Wen Mac engines did not start well on this, and the needle setting was interesting (finicky and would not hold well). Cox .049's ran fine on it.

I remember, a very long time ago (when these things were relatively new), I had no trouble starting them, while some of my friends did. They were using Cox fuel, while I was using Testors fuel.

Some years later, I ran a Wen Mac engine and a friend who was an old school control line person, made a comment about the smell of the fuel. He said that it smelled like there was ether in it, and that was why the engines would start easily and run better on it.

You cannot buy ether, because it is used to make drugs. A fuel manufacturer directed me towards engine starting fluid (for carborrated automobiles and tractors). I found some that was 50% either.

I just sprayed a bit into the Glo Plug boy fuel and now the Wen Mac and Testors motors start like they used to-very easily. Two of them started on the second flip.

Not scientific, but the engines run very well.
Thanks! Just out of curiosity, are any of your Rotomatic springs still functional? My spring was broke when I got it and I read online that most of the springs these days are broke because of the age of the engines.

I'm a little worried about my engine. I've had it on my desk the last week or two as a reminder to buy fuel for it (which I've yet to do), but when I flip the propellor it doesn't seem to have very good compression. Compared to my .15 size engine's compression it feels like something is wrong with the .049. Now I know there is a large size difference and therefore a large conpression difference, but still I feel like it should have a but more resistance when flipping the prop. Is there a way to check the compression?

About the ether, I'll keep that in mind if I can't get the engine started. I have multiple cans of starting fluid around here of various brands so I should have something that could work.

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