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Hello from RCbobcat-here is an update on my ASK21. I test flew it today for about 2 hours (2 battery charges) I hand tossed it to trim it out and noticed the right aileron servo was intermittent, so I flew it a little on the hillside at our flyine site and all seemed well. I unplugged it a few times and it seemed to be working fine (Seemed!) I then hi started it and caught a small ground thermal and got about 100 or so feet high. I don't like the gyro function so I disabled it. On the third launch the right servo went on vacation and it spiraled in while still hooked up to the hi start-not a very pretty site. It could be repaired but I decided to contact Horizon about it-the servo definitely is trash and I probably shouldn"t have tried to fly it. The tech at Horizon asked me to send him some pics of the damage and it looks like they may replace the model- we will see. I would be happy just to get a new fuselage and replacement servo. My opinion is that it flies very well just take it easy on the controls and the tow hook seems to be a tad too far back. I will have to experiment. Keep me posted on your experiences Bob M... PS it flies well on a small slope..
rcbobcat55 is online now Find More Posts by rcbobcat55
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