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Originally Posted by breakwater View Post
You know,
That brings up a fun idea.

Which Class is the fastest, using it's hull speed as handicap? I.E. which design is the most efficient at overcoming Hull speed.
Heavy boats with hulls designed for planing generally cannot exceed hull speed without planing. Light, narrow boats with hulls not designed for planing can easily exceed hull speed without planing.

Given that your design is 79" Long, and using the formula of Vhull= 1.34 x (Square root of LWL in feet) the hull speed of your design is (Rounding off) 3.5knots.

If you hit 9 knots, the boat is at (rounding off) 2.5x hull speed.
I wonder what my Ms can do. The other boat I have, An EC-12 probably isn't going to win this contest.

Someone please check my math
It would be a fun idea. Our boat is in fact not very light for it's size, more of a moderate displacement design, but it's very narrow. One of the main reasons we went for the higher relative weight was to avoid having to go with multiple rigs.
We've found our bow volume to be a big help when pushing hard downwind in a big breeze.
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