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Originally Posted by crobar View Post
Hey guys I have a question that is not intended to offend, it's just one of those need to know philosophical and possible life changing inquiries. If you don't own a gymnasium or don't have private property that has no wind, then why are these micro/UMX/ planes so popular? Now that they come with the gyro's they fly great outdoors but what about all of the pre-gyro fliers? Do people buy long bed trucks with tall camper shells and fly in them? Do they construct those large revival tents and fly in them? I try to fly my 32"edge 540 in the wind and it simply blows away, and it is heavier than the UMX models.
You make a good point and one that I've argued. I started with a micro T 28 when getting back into the hobby and into electrics. Got bored really fast. Next purchase- a Real Flight 6 sim. GREAT investment! Next was the TH Edge and the rest is history- 8 months later and I'm considering a 30cc gasser but I digress. The sim will let you fly many different airplanes and adjust the wind up as high as you want. I'd go that route to get used to flying "anything" in the wind. The Edge can be a ball in 10-15 mph but you do have to get to a certain level before you are able to have "fun" doing it. The micros are, by design, for calm wind and indoor use. The new gyro equipped micros can handle a little wind but I would adjust your rates and expo on the TH Edge and practice, practice, practice. At over 10 mph anything under 5-6 lbs is going to be blown around. If you want to fly in the wind, use that EPP durability and some Welders (for when you crack it up not if) and go out in that wind. I really don't see any benefit in a micro trainer (MHO). I'd rather get someone a TH EPP and tone it down (lower rates with high expo) so they can gradually advance. It's working for my 6 year old daughter!
Bottom line- have fun not frustration. Try a sim. Hope this helps.
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