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Not just you mate, the Castor really does give some slip to the feel of a fuel.

One reason its so good - apart from helping any flashspot temps - is that it exits the engine unburnt and helps to dump excess heat very effectively, thereby actually helping keep your engine cool both through lubrication AND waste heat management.

I tend to run at least 1.5% of castor in my models because of these advantages. Plus it gives me the 'warm fuzzies' and smells good when the engines running, too!

Prices locally for methanol are $1.50 a litre, and nitro is $20 a litre. Castor is also $20 a litre (Castrol R30 from autostore) and synthetic is roughly similar. Thats why nitro based fuels are so much more expensive, especially if you don't mix yourself.

If I run 83% methanol, 5% nitro, 3% castor and 9% Klotz (my .46 mix) then I'm looking at a mere $4.65 per litre of fuel. Compare that to my 1/2A mix which I'm using at 67% methanol, 15% nitro, 10% castor and 8% Klotz; its worth $7.60 a litre, or $8.60 with 20% Nitro. More expensive, yes, but much cheaper than the premixed stuff!

FAI fuel, for comparison, is $5.20 a litre - more than my 5% nitro .46 mix. Thats due to its higher amount of lubricant, which is worth the same as nitro.

Gotta love homemixing fuels!

Cheers - boingk
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