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That is a great instructional video, should help a lot of guys out with their settings, and it's made a few things clearer for me

I see you're using a DX7, and so am I. You have your 3 flight modes setup on the three way toggle switch (flt mode), but isn't working on mine, I can only get it to work on the 2 way switch (gear)
Can you possibly explain how to reassign the switch from gear to flt mode please?

I've been reading the manual, but frankly is pretty gobbldegook in places, is there a simple way to change it?

My Vtx is only 10mw (UK legal) but am told an 8DBi panel antenna in conjunction with my EZ Antenna Tracker will do the job, and increase range?

I'd like to upgrade to a more powerful Vtx at some point, but will it really only be good for 200' on a quad?

I was out again today, with my recently aquired ESC paranoia on board, after what I've been reading on here, so made an immediate check following a 13 min flight, and feeling with the upper part of a finger, it really is barely warm, I had to check twice to make sure I felt any heat. Seems ok so far...

I made another video with the camera pointing down at an angle of 15-20 degrees or something, and the effect is pretty good! Was flying around with it at this angle to see if I could find my canopy cover which ejected itself a couple of weeks ago. We've had terrible weather here recently, and today, much to my surprise, still grey skies, but barely any wind. A lot of the time it was calm, and I suppose the strongest breezes were maybe 2-3 mph.

I look forward to seeing your FPV video soon, should be very interesting. Do you think I'll find it easier to fly FPV rather than LOS?
I find the shape of this quad a bit disorienting at times, and as a result am kind of scared off going too high.

This evening I've been checking my FPV gear, and somehow I've lost a vital 3.5mm jack plug to RCA's cable for video..I have no idea where to find another as the vendors I bought this from with VR1400 goggles don't sell them anymore.

Thanks again for taking the time on the instructional video today, very useful!

Here's today's video...and I still didn't find my cover..

Flying again with my IFLY-4 Quadcopter this time with a look down camera view (11 min 27 sec)

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