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Originally Posted by Scaledown View Post
I've bought this ME Snipe and I've been trying to get it run properly. Apart from a scuff on the spinner it looks and feels to be in great condition. Compression is fantastic. It just won't break out of a 4 stroke. 6500 rpm is the best I can get with an 8x4 prop. Compression adjustment feels weird too. The difference between too undercompressed to run and overcompressed is only 1/8 of a turn. It chews fuel like its rich but it will conk out abruptly if I lean it any more.
Anybody got any ideas?
This sounds like there is a leakage of crankcase compression.
If crankcase compression is poor, then the engine will only run at all on a very rich setting.
My Snipe also had this problem, someone had fitted a gasket under the cylinder obviously trying to imporve carnkcase compression, but it also blanked off most of the transfer port area.
When I removed the gasket and tightened down the cylinder as hard as I dared, the problem disappeared and now the Snipe runs really well (at least as good as my blue head Frogs) and is a first flick starter.
I'm not really sure wheteher there is supposed to be a gasket or not, but mine now runs so well without, I will not disturb it again.
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