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A new member of ours asked me about the Fairwind II/900 today and I was thinking I should snap a few pictures of my boats and maybe answer his question.

Let me start with the Cox Tradewind, that I consider the Fairwind I. I don't know what the relationship was between the Cox company, the brand name on the box of the Tradewind and Kyosho who makes the Fairwind, but they used many of the same parts including the mast, sails, booms, rudder as well as having the general look of the same boat. The Tradewind is different from the later Fairwind II and 900 in that it is made from foam. It has more beam and has a removable keel (unless it is rusted in place). The deck on the tradewind has groves for the planked look. It also has two compartments to access the rudder and one for the servos.

The Tradewind has a mild temperament on the water because of the amount of beam, it wants to sail upright and behaves nicely.

I want to talk about a boat made by Team Tropic. They made a Wind Dancer that to me appears to be a Fiberglass Fairwind from it's looks. These guys out of Florida did a great job of dressing the boats up. There is a wooden mast, colorful sails, and lots of deck details. Mine even has a no slip decking and wooden rub rails.

This boat is heavier than the Tradewind and the same profile as the Fairwind. It sits down on the water and looks great. It is not a performer in terms of speed and it is tender in wind. But it is good looking boat and I'm glad to have it my collection. To me Team Tropic did a nice job of creating this look alike and did a superb job of detailing it.

The Fairwind II and the Fairwind 900 are to me the same boat. The Fairwind 900 came out second and I think it had more chrome plastic parts than the Fairwind II. This plastic boat is the second boat I owned and I think it made a great club boat and it looks like so many other full scale boats that many are drawn to it because it reminded them of a boat they admired. It looked good on the water and as a display piece.

It performs better than the Tradewind or the Windancer on the water. It can be dressed up with deck railing and chrome helm or stripped down for racing.

The Fairwind III did not come out as a kit but a ready to sail boat and is made of Fiberglass. The keel is a hair deeper than the Fairwind II/900. The boat sails a bit more tender and I think it could use more ballast. But the paint job and the details on the boat are a knock out. I don't own a Fairwind III but my buddy Richard has one and I have worked on it.

Here are some photos of the boats. I hope this helps you some.

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