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I have a little bit experience with this, using two gyro's to stabilize a gunturret on a model.

For a gyro to work properly, you would need two imput signals, usually a pulse with a range of 1 till 2 millisecond, with a pulse frequency of approx 50 Hz, that represent the control imput and the gain setting.
Unfortunately you can not just use two servo-testers, because most gyro's I have tried, need the pulse to be synchronized, meaning, it insists on these pulses to arrive one after another in a "pulse-train" and therefore you need a piece of circuitry that generates first the position pulse, next the gain pulse, than repeat that sequence.

If you just connect two independent servotesters the pulses will not be in sync and the gyro will not be able to handle it, or do anything useful with it.

But i think, it is really better to build some inherent stability in the vehicle by adding some dihedral or similar. Because a gyro will never be able to keep the vehicle perfectly horizontal, and once it is out of level it will start sliding away sideways.

However I have seen video's of some scandinavian guy that made a Human Powered Hydrofoil that had a straight foil and manual roll control, maybe 10 or 15 years back, so it is very possible you don't need that stabilisation after all....

Brgds, Bert
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