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Originally Posted by KiwiNATOR View Post
Could you explain a little how this works?

What happens to the servo PWM signal over a long run of CAT6 if I don't have these sending and receiving boards?

Is there a voltage drop on the receiving end if I don't use a BEC or battery?

So that jumper on the boards is for supplying power with a battery or BEC?

These boards boost the PWM signal?

Can I use one sending board, split the cat6 and use two receiving boards to control two pairs of servos?
The sending board converts the standard servo pinouts into a CAT 6 connector. The signal is sent through the CAT6 cable to the receiving board where the signal is boosted and then converted back to servo pinouts.
Without using the CAT6 sending and receiving boards the system will not be plug and play. You would need to solder connectors onto the wires at each end. The servos may be jittery at long distances when not using the receiving board that has boosts the signal.
The drop is very minimal at 100
With the jumpers in, the power is shared between the servos and the controller. You can remove the jumper at either end to isolate power.
Yes, the signal is boosted at the receiving end just before the servos.
If you wanted to Y the CAT6 you could use 1 sending and 2 receiving boards.
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